15 Year Old Invents Wearable Sensor for the Aging


A fifteen year old budding scientist has taken out one of the major prizes at the 2014 Google Science Fair with his project ‘Wearable Sensors for an Aging Society.’ Kenneth Shinosuka, 15, created the project in response to some of the challenges faced by his grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Simple and practical, Kenneth developed an ultra-thin film sensor which is placed on the foot of a patient. This film sensor has the ability to detect movement based on the shifting of body weight. Once a patient starts to walk an alert is sent via Bluetooth to their caregiver.

‘I think caring for our interest in the aging population is becoming a huge societal challenge that we need to address,’ said Kenneth Shinosuka in his project overview. ‘That’s what motivated me to start this project.’

The design harnesses the power of the smartphone and integrates low-levels of transmitter energy to make a major impact on patient safety. With many neurological conditions making it dangerous for patients to freely walk around, the technology will assist caregivers in providing a new level of safety.

The project showcases how much innovation can be extracted from the IoT and sensor based technologies. With the price-points of this technology becoming cheaper and cheaper, small projects like this stand to have a major impact in the way care is administered. OCM.

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