Leading Retailer Amazon to Release a Smartphone


Reports are surfacing that Amazon is set to release a smartphone at a live event in Seattle on Wednesday. Mobile connectivity could see the digital merchant gain full access to the consumer, causing the high street shops to not only compete against digital distribution, but around the clock access to the customer.

The move does not come as a surprise, with mobile connectivity the likely next step for Amazon. From a market stand point reports show Google’s Android platform has 67% of the Australian market and Apple has 35%. However groundbreaking Amazon’s release will be, capturing the hands of the consumer will be difficult, especially given Apple’s iPhone 6 is due for a September release.

An online retailer releasing their own smart phone does indicate the type of strategy required to remain relevant in the eyes of the consumer and be a leading Retail force. Led by their charismatic CEO, Jeff Bezos, Amazon is often seen as the leader in a new world order for Retail. In releasing the companies 1st quarter sales results in April, Bezos commented:

‘“We get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers, and 2014 is off to a kinetic start […] Our retail team launched Prime Pantry, a new option available only to Prime members offering exclusive access to everyday essentials in non-bulk sizes — ranging from breakfast foods and popular soft drinks, to cleaning and personal care items.”

These activities are only the Retail component of this Seattle based company and give insights on where this company sees the future of customer engagement, online and 24/7. Technically minded companies like Amazon can be seen as a major win for the consumer of the future, who if the Amazon team have their way, will be able to purchase on the go, out of hours and from a globally connected market.


Update, June 18: Amazon Releases ‘Fire’