The 3 Potential Outcomes For Transport in NSW

Leaders in the NSW transport industry discuss the future of transport at CityDisrupt, Sydney.

Q&A session with Transport for NSW

Technology is evolving the way we interact with both the environment and one another, and it will inevitably change the way we get from point A to point B.

Two crucial figures who aim to be at the forefront of this innovation are Jacinta Hargan, the Director of the Future Transport Program, and Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary of Customer Services at Transport for NSW. Both Horgan and Braxton-Smith featured in a panel discussion at OmniChannel Media’s CityDisrupt, Sydney.

The two transport executives provided insights into Transport for NSW’s future plans, including the Future Transport program launched in April this year which looks to innovate citizens’ experience.

“It’s clear to us that there’s a real opportunity to unlock value in a transport network and a transport system by changing the way we think about technologies and how we apply them to deliver customer outcomes,” Braxton-Smith explained.

In catering for increased expectations from citizens in the advanced digital age, Transport for NSW needed to plan potential outcomes for transport in the future. The three potential outcomes include:

1. My Car is King
Hargan suggests that with the rise of autonomous vehicles, other modes of transport may become obsolete.

2. We’re All in This Together
With the rise of communal transport evident through companies such as Uber, Transport for NSW is preparing for a future where citizens work together to provide transport.

3. Why Travel if You Don’t Have To?
With the ease and accessibility of completing everyday tasks from home, this could see a decrease in the importance of private transport. Therefore, Transport for NSW needs to act as an intermediary figure between citizens and their destinations.

Hargan noted that there may be a fourth outcome involving public transport and the ride-sharing economy, and although they have not come to an ultimate conclusion on Transport for NSW’s part in it, they are working on providing a solution.

The executives emphasised that the Future Transport program aims to interact with their customers constantly in order to understand their needs and improve their experience.

Braxton-Smith highlighted the importance of being “on the right side of the wave as technology comes through”.

Transport for NSW’s preparation for long-term possibilities suggests it is on the right track to becoming a leading innovator in the transport industry.