ACT Government Invests in Solar for Health System

20% of the ACT’s energy is consumed by the health system.


In a bid to kill two birds with one stone, the ACT Government has announced that Canberra hospital is on its way to becoming more energy-efficient, with $3.3 million worth of solar panel and new lighting being installed.

The announcement was made by Health Minister Simon Corbell, who noted that given the Health system accounted for 20% of the Territory’s energy use, the project would have far-reaching impacts.

“In total, the initiatives are projected to achieve an estimated saving of $490,000 in energy costs by 2017-18 and also reduce the government’s overall carbon footprint.”

The project will include 1,900 individual panels that will be installed on the roof of the multi-storey car park on Hospital Rd in Canberra.

Minister Corbell noted that the energy savings made can be re-routed into other areas of the Health system. On an energy saving front, the Minister said that the “combined lighting and solar project is expected to save 3,298,000 kWh once fully implemented.”

Health is an area in which Government allocate a vast resource of budget to operate. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reckons that in 2014 over $150 billion was spent on health in Australia, accounting for 9.77% of the nations GDP.

Innovation in the energy and technology sector will continue to draw out opportunities for the sector to invest in new platforms of operations that aim to be more efficient.