Agency Transformation: Providing Citizen-Centric Engagement through Digital Engagement

12 of Canberra's leading CIOs share the five key elements of digital engagement throughout government agencies.


What does citizen centricity look like in 2016? With Australians spending more time than ever engaging with their personalised digital ecosystem, what expectations does the average citizen have towards digital engagement and government agencies?

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Ramez Katf, Chief Information Officer, ATO

This was the challenge posed to 12 of Canberra’s leading CIOs and technology leaders who attended an executive luncheon entitled “Agency Transformation: Providing Citizen Centricity Through Digital Engagement”.

Hosted in partnership with Pitney Bowes and OmniChannel Media, the event afforded technology executives from Australia’s federal government agencies to connect and explore how the Government can provide its citizens with a more citizen-centric service.

To kick start the discussion, an opening Q&A was conducted between the events moderator, Michael Schwarz, from Pitney Bowes; and Ramez Katf, Chief Information Officer at the ATO.

The five key points that arose throughout the discussion included digital centricity with citizens, departments collaborating, citizen identification, the need to start small, as well as ways to manage legislation.

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