AGL Driving Consumer’s Towards Batteries

AGL announced a new range of battery storage for residential use that is considered a potential game-changer.


This week AGL announced a new range of batteries for residential use.

Source: AGL Solar

It is the latest product move from a major company in the energy storage space in a fairly short window of time. Given Australia’s traditional energy suite includes off-peak and peak times. Battery storage is being considered a potential game-changer as consumers will have the ability to manipulate when they consume power from the energy grid.

Launched in May this year under the Power Advantage brand, the first range of AGL’s energy storage devices are based on lithium-ion technology and capable of storing 6kWh of solar energy, enough to satisfy the needs of a family home.

The new product range, manufactured by Sunverge of San Francisco, expands the possibilities for use and features greater storage capacity.
Marc England, AGL’s Executive Manager of New Energy said that the company will continue to innovate in this space.

“There is strong consumer interest in energy storage,” he said. “We now offer the widest range of solutions to meet individual household needs.”

Source: AGL Solar

England said that this kind of technology offers consumers greater control and flexibility about how best they can manage their energy needs enabling them to best economise their power use.

The two sizes are 11.6kWh and 19.4kWh making them ideal for bigger solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and greater home consumption. Able to be installed in the home or outside it in an adjoining structure, the batteries come with an inverter and can be the key power source or used as a backup.

Along with AGL’s play into the storage space, in September Tesla announced they would be launching its ‘Tesla Energy’ in Australia in late 2015. The launch will be aimed at supporting the company’s first retail battery storage unit, the ‘Powerwall’.