Amazon’s AI Innovations that Will Change How We Connect

Taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


With the growing rate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services disrupting industries all over the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is becoming a market leader in integrating this technology into the day-to-day life of the consumer.

Renowned for their on-demand cloud computing platforms, offering a wide range of products including database storage and analytics, AWS is adding AI to their tool belt and providing access to this innovative technology across the globe.

Simon Elisha, Head of Solution Architecture at AWS spoke about three of the main AI services that AWS are offering which could help your business in more ways than one.

“Technology can, of course, be a massive driver of change, but it can also be the biggest barrier to change,” he said at CxO Disrupt, Melbourne.

With this in mind, he outlined three innovative services, Amazon’s Polly, Lex and Rekognition which uses AI to create ease in the customer’s life.

Through utilising this innovative technology, AWS has enabled efficient and seamless communication and recognition between mankind and machines.

Amazon Polly

Have you ever heard a machine talking and thought to yourself, “That doesn’t sound like a real person at all”?

Amazon didn’t want their own text-to-speak product to sound like that, so they set out on the difficult journey to enable their technology to not only be able to recognise different voices and languages but to sound like the customer is communicating with a real person.

With AI, Polly can do that and more, it can understand the semantic meaning and context of what someone is saying to it.

“This is understanding, is a phone number a number? As in 042121131 or is it four million, two hundred thousand and so on,” Elisha explained.

Amazon Polly allows for businesses and customers alike to easily communicate with technology in whatever way they feel comfortable, and it is this accessibility which is set to disrupt many technologies as they integrate the Amazon voice product into their own.

The tech can communicate in 47 voices and 24 different languages, even talking in a typical Australian accent, labeling the male and female voices, Russell and Nicole, referencing Australia’s more well-known superstars.

Amazon Lex

Imagine having a PA in your pocket, capable of booking flights, appointments and meetings without assistance, say hello to Amazon Lex.

“Amazon Lex is a service that allows you to have natural language conversations either through text or voice, with AI driving it.”

Its uniqueness comes from it being a more natural conversation mechanism and enables the individual to use Lex to arrange any mundane, repetitive tasks that they themselves might not have time for.

Elisha provided the example of booking flight tickets. By asking Lex to book a flight to London, Lex can recognise that you want to fly to London Heathrow, and can quickly communicate with other technologies to set up the flights in a matter of seconds.

This technology is becoming more prevalent in some platforms, namely the smartphone, however, the potential for Lex goes much further than talking to it for some funny replies. Lex can assist the user in building efficiency into their lives.

Amazon Rekognition

“This is the movie stuff from 10 years ago, fiendishly complex mathematically, unbelievably expensive computationally, available to you almost for free now.”

Not only does Amazon Rekognition have a catchy name, but it possesses an even smarter AI process, as it can recognise photos and segregate them into different groups, depending on what’s requested.

The technology can analyse the contents of a group of pictures, like 100 different trees, and can separate them into different groups depending on what type of tree it is.

It is a novel idea that is not only innovative but convenient, as the ability for AI to do the boring, but necessary, task of looking at a picture and moving it to one side now leaves room for more productive activities to be done by the people that control them.