App Adds a little bit of Human to the Elements



Often the struggle consumers have with technology is that tech interfaces lack a genuine human element. This is also a challenge for the organisation as without this element, key marketing tools like brand, culture, and character can be lost.

These ideas are being flipped by a recent app release called WhetherThan. WhetherThan is all about incorporating the human experience into checking the weather. Describing the app on its release the company stated:

‘Rather than giving you today’s weather in a bunch of numbers (how cryptic), it compares today’s temperature to yesterday (because we all remember how that felt) and lets you know if it’s warmer, hotter, cooler or colder than yesterday – simple but genius.’

The app reaches even further by offering a quirky simile with its insights. When describing Melbourne’s barmy 26 degree outlook, the app states on its main page that its hotter than ‘a Morgua Scorpian pepper (it’s hot)’.

Available on Google Play and iTunes the app is already receiving positive reviews. It provides a genuine example of the power re-examining how information should be digested in the digital landscape. Removing the metrics of the weather that are overlooked by many and replacing it with a tangible takeaway (even if irrelevant) will likely encourage greater engagement and an overall positive experience for the user. OCM.


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