The App Revolutionising the Health Industry: Meet CancerAid

CancerAid has grown to become the biggest cancer application worldwide, being used by 30,000 people across 24 countries. The founder of the life-saving app, Dr Nikhil Pooviah will be speaking at HealthDisrupt Sydney


Cancer can feel like an isolating time for the 100,000 Australians unfortunately diagnosed every year.

Some of the symptoms might sound new and frightening to them, and logging every detail of the treatment is a task too much when there’s plenty of other concerns to worry about first.

That’s why two cancer doctors, Nikhil Pooviah and Raghav Murali-Ganesh, sought out a solution that could help thousands, if not millions, by designing the mobile application, CancerAid.

CancerAid gives users accurate and detailed information tailored personally for every cancer patient where they can easily find out what their symptoms are and what the treatment plan might involve.

Dr Nikhil Pooviah, CEO and Co-Founder of CancerAid will be speaking at HealthDisrupt Sydney
Dr Nikhil Pooviah, CEO and Co-Founder of CancerAid will be speaking at HealthDisrupt Sydney

The app also allows patients to easily track any notes they might have by providing a digital journal as well as a database for their medical records.

CancerAid has quickly grown in popularity amongst the community, with 30,000 users from 24 different countries since being released late last year.

CancerAid is a world first in a personalised cancer application, as it provides a digital service where patients can ask questions about their treatment specifically for their illness.

“For example, with breast cancer radiotherapy, a right-sided breast cancer patient won’t usually have the same heart risk a left-sided breast cancer patient has,” Nikhil explained.

“With the CancerAid app the clinician can easily take out this side effect on the information provided, as it’s not applicable to them; this assists in managing their expectations, which is ultimately what we’re trying to do – manage the patient’s expectations about what’s going on,” Nikhil explained to Anthill Online

The app are also looking to further the experience by offering new services and using the application as a platform to test new ideas which can make the lives of patients easier.

CancerAid has recently introduced a new feature in their app, ‘Champions’, who can be nominated by patients to help their journey.

“Champions can view aspects of your CancerAid profile so they can monitor your progress, follow your journey and provide advice and support,” it says on their website.

CancerAid are collaborating with CSIRO to investigate whether the idea of ‘champions’ are helpful for both patients and carers, and seeking to make the experience better for both sides.

Their ambitions don’t stop at only helping cancer patients though, as the co-founders have emphasised that they hope to one day expand to other illnesses where the support is just as necessary.

“Down the track we will look to cross expand the CancerAid platform onto other chronic diseases because there is certainly a need for it and we have the capabilities to meet these needs,”

“We had a request last week to create StrokeAid … and it could also be for diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis,” the co-founders told the Australian Financial Review.

Innovation in the health sector is rare to see, and CancerAid is a great example of taking the digital flexibility of the 21st century into the lives of countless individuals that require the support that the cancer app gives.

Dr Nikhil Pooviah will be talking at HealthDisrupt Sydney about his app CancerAid and what the health industry can take away from the great progress Pooviah and his co-founders have found in developing the application.

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