ARENA Puts Battery Heavyweights on Show

ARENA's new test centre compares home batteries from the likes of Tesla, Samsung, and Sony.


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has launched the Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre which will compare eight batteries produced from companies such as Tesla and Samsung.

The Test Centre is a $609,000 project conducted by ITP Renewables in which ARENA has contributed $450,000. The Centre will test lithium-ion battery chemistries and products that are available in Australia, ensuring that the batteries meet the claims made by the manufacturers.

A study conducted by AECOM and commissioned by ARENA, projects that the price of home batteries will drop 60% by 2020 and with this in mind ARENA has decided to take the first steps forward.

ARENA’s CEO Ivor Frischknecht believes the trials will find crucial information which will help energy system designers, suppliers, and consumers make calculated decisions about the best renewable energy systems that will meet their needs.

“Whether you’re a family wanting to know which battery offers the best performance and value for money or an electricity retailer wanting to create new energy storage-based products for your customers, accurate data on how different batteries work will be invaluable.”

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ARENA’s CEO Ivor Frischknecht via Twitter

The test centre will release a summary of their findings on a half-yearly basis, specifying how the batteries have performed in that time under Australian conditions.

ARENA aims to be a front-runner in the inevitable change for the renewable energy industry.

“There’s no question renewables will be part of a global energy future – the question today is when will that transition happen, and what role will Australia play. We’re helping ensure we do lead,” Said Frischknecht.

The CEO concluded his speech by once again reminding citizens that ARENA is here to make sure that Australia makes a smooth transition towards the renewable energy future.

“ARENA is here to help guide individuals, the community and energy sector transition into this brave new world … by investing in projects that reduce that uncertainty by providing real support and guidance.”