Aussie Startup Strikes Deal with Tesla


By Matthew Egan, OmniChannel Media

Reposit Power software, source: Reposit Power
Reposit Power software, source: Reposit Power

A Canberra based energy startup has struck a deal with Tesla Energy to integrate its technology into the clean energy giants recently announced ‘Powerwall’ home battery system.

Reposit Power, a company founded in Canberra in 2012, announced the news this week. Reposit Power offers an innovative technology that links electricity generated from solar with storage solutions in order to allow customers to better leverage from the renewable energy source.

The companies GridCredit technology, which gives consumers the ability to control the flow of solar energy, will be integrated into Tesla Energy’s Powerwall battery storage system.

The success for the Australian company comes off the back of a Canberra based trial that commenced late last year. From this the company plans to make its GridCredits system available to Australian consumers. The software will look to integrate with Tesla’s hardware, creating a next-generation energy offering for Australian consumers.

For Tesla, working with companies like Reposit Power is critical in its endeavours to drive greater levels of renewable energy onto the grid:

‘Tesla is already working with utilities and other renewable power partners around the world to deploy storage on the grid to improve resiliency and cleanliness of the grid as a whole,’ the company said in a statement upon releasing the Powerwall.

Further to this, residential storage could also assist grids in managing the supply and demand of power. From a technology perspective, the idea of extending the smartgrid through to the home battery looks to be the next step in the evolution of the energy sector. For this, technologies such as the IoT and Big Data will be critical, as will collaboration between the energy and technology sector. OCM.

Source: ARENA, Tesla, Reposit Power

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