Bosch CEO Calls for Industry to Step Up to Tech Disruption

Self Driving Car
Google’s self-driving car.

In the light of recent reports indicating that Apple is planning to dip its toes into the autonomous vehicle market, the CEO of leading auto-tech company Bosch has called for the industry to accelerate its development of autonomous vehicles.

Speaking at a conference in Berlin, Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner commented on the positive effect that new entrants such as Google and Apple will have on the automotive industry and its need to create innovative products such as autonomous and electric vehicles:

‘Google is pushing the theme of self-driving cars very strongly. That’s having a very positive effect for the entire automotive industry, because it enormously accelerates the pace of introducing drive-assist systems and semi-automatic functions,’ Reuters reported Denner commenting.

The suggestions were raised off the back of speculation that Apple is entertaining the idea of creating an autonomous electric vehicle. Denner declined to comment whether the electrics and engineering company was collaborating on any projects with Apple, however it has been speculated that Apple is in conversations with the industry suppliers about how it could go about making its first vehicle.

The fact that Apple is toying with the idea of entering the market will accelerate innovation from within. As a whole, on a global scale the industry is evolving to the needs of the 21st century with Ford, Google and Tesla all driving different styles of innovation into the auto market.

With the proposition of Apple now manipulating the discourse of the car of the future, the major winner will be the consumer itself. Should Apple have an interest in incorporating its appealing aesthetic and design principles into the creation of a car, the potential for yet another giant shift in the auto pendulum might not be too far away. OCM.

Source: Reuters

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