The General Manager of online at Myer has spoken about the need for the group to consistently innovate in order to combat the changes in the retail industry.

Speaking to OmniChannel Media in relation to Myer’s approach to innovation during a period of transformation, Mark Storie, General Manager of online at Myer, said that constantly innovating was critical:

‘You never hit the end target. You need to keep on re-innovating and be thinking about the next thing you are trying to achieve,’ he said.

Storie also noted that crucial to the innovation process was the need for Myer to continue to listen to its customers.

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‘The people that drive [innovation] are the customers. They are the ones that are see other sites do more smarter and sexier and innovative things… They keep you honest.’

Storie also spoke about breaking down the barriers of the digital and physical world as a way of harnessing the power of both, noting that digital engagement almost certainly happens at one point during a transaction.

Storie’s upbeat remarks about Myer’s digital transformation are echoed in recent statistics that indicate large amounts of growth for the retailing powerhouse. Last December a NAB survey indicated online hits grew by 72% for the company in the previous year.

However speaking on the potential impact that drone technology might have on distribution networks, Storie was much more realistic about short term innovation:

‘It is long way from being cost effective, stable and being able to be utilised in our environment,’ he said. ‘It will be at one point, but it is not on our short-term horizon.’ OCM.

Source: OmniChannel Media Digital Dialogue

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