Cybercrime Accounts for 50% of Overall Crime in UK


Computer999Statistics were released this week that suggested that if bank and credit card frauds were to be included in the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales, annual offences would increase by nearly 50%.

The inclusion of the statistics would take the overall crime total from 7.3 million offences to 11 million. The numbers represent a global trend that cybercrime is continuing to rise when benchmarked against more traditional offences.

For the UK, the statistics indicate just how much of an issue cybercrime and fraud is in 21st century Britain, however due to its exclusion in national figures it also showcases how cybercrime can fall by the wayside in terms of both reporting the crimes and in the allocation of police resources.

To combat this, London Assembly Online Crime Working Group will today begin its examination of the extent of cyber-fraud in London. A statement released by the Mayor’s office in relation to the working group stated that:

‘The investigation will look at the performance of the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) in addressing the growth in such online crimes.  It will examine the establishment of the Met’s new Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) command and levels of reporting and public awareness of cyber-fraud.’

The group is hoping to uncover more innovative ways of addressing cybercrime in London and the wider UK region and will be meeting twice in the following months to establish a strategy to tackle this. OCM.

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