Data Expert: “Digital” Has Been Around Since Data

Commvault's Chris Gondek emphasises the importance of managing data effectively.


In order to be a digital-first company, it is not enough to only offer your customers a website or an app. Speaking at CxO Disrupt, New Zealand, Commvault’s Principle Architect, Chris Gondek, said that the efficient management of data has always been the foundation for going digital.

“The second that data was collected, that was the time that we actually started going digital. Going digital is not a new thing, we’ve been going digital for years and years,” he said.

At the heart of creating a great digital presence is the efficient management of data.

However, many organisations forget that they have obtained almost limitless data over the years, and therefore fail to take advantage of their greatest strategic asset.

With technology tracking and sending terabytes of data to companies every day, the proliferation of data is not set to decrease in the near future. As a result, it is crucial to manage this data effectively.

“All these new technologies that are now coming out are generating more data than ever before. We’re now creating more data than humans could ever keep up with,” Gondek explained.

Chris Gondek, Commvault. Source: CxO Disrupt, Auckland.

This proliferation of data is a problem many organisations face: how do they analyse, process and store all of this data? If managed correctly, data can become an asset that unlocks countless opportunities.

“Data is a challenge for a lot of organisations, but it could be an opportunity. This is where Commvault strongly believe that to succeed in the modern, digital world, you need to think of data as a critical asset, not as a challenge.”

Data needs to be analysed in order to ascertain which information is useful to your organisation.

“You’ve got to really know your data to know what value it holds for your business.”

Gondek also emphasised that every new technology has the potential to create a new data silo. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that information can be easily shared and accessed to prevent it from slowing down the organisation.

“When you think about cloud and mobility adoption, by its very nature, it will create data silos and it will create disruption,” said Gondek.

Ultimately, managing data effectively has shown to be a challenging task for many organisations, but if you can get it right, it can help bolster your digital presence.