Delivering Great CX in a Complex Digital World

Insights from Former Macy's (US) CMO on delivering customer experience in the digital age.


At OmniChannel Media’s VIP Lunch, part of the CMO Disrupt Series, former CMO of Macy’s (US), Martine Reardon spoke about how to give customers the best digital experience.

In June, 14 of Sydney’s leading digital and marketing executives attended a VIP luncheon as part of OmniChannel Media’s CMO Disrupt event series.

At the event Reardon, former CMO of Macy’s (US) laid the groundwork on what a good online experience looks like in 2016 and gave the attendees an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges around digital delivery.

From the discussion three key themes emerged as essential in order to engage with customers online:

Combining Commerce with Marketing

When Reardon first joined Macy’s, her initial aim was to make sure customers that went online could actually engage with the Macy’s brand and purchase products.

“The one lesson that I learnt early was that you can use your website as another marketing tool. To only keep it as a commerce site would not be right, it is the most powerful when you have a good balance of using it as a marketing platform as well as a commerce driven platform”

Reardon believes this was key to Macy’s future success, as it attracted customers for more than simply online shopping, but also for the greater digital experience it provided, which allowed for the company to go international, delivering their products to over 210 countries.

Understanding what the Customer Wants

Reardon discussed how with so many large online presences, in order to compete, it is imperative for the online website to truly engage with the customer by understanding the lives of the market.

“Everything is competition, to gain cut-through you’ve got to know what’s going on culturally to say, ‘okay, how am I going to compete with that?”

To do this, one of the most important factors is to provide a speedy online experience. Dynatrace’s Marketing Director, Paula Rodgers suggested that the speed of the website is integral for the customer, with 60% of millennials stating that the performance of the website is the most important aspect for a website.

Always Being Present in the Customer’s Mind

Reardon believes that the digital revolution has meant that companies are expected to always be in the thoughts of their customers.

Macy’s motto “to be everywhere, do everything and never fail the customer,” was key to the success of the online store, as it ensured that the customer would remember the positive experiences they had on the website.

Reardon concluded by saying that anything that does not aim to meet the motto should not be a priority, as pleasing the increasingly active customer is always the most important goal.