Digital Dialogue Interview: Bryan Smith | Rocket Software


In 2015, Rocket Software is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Digital transformation is not ‘new’. Related terms such as Enterprise Modernisation, Legacy Modernisation and Application Modernisation have been in use for years to define the impact that technological innovation and disruption has on business operations.

The challenge for leading C-Suite executives is understanding the role of ‘digital’ within their business, and defining a strategy that best serves this. To do this they must understand that:

  • Traditional service delivery is no longer an option. There is a user expectation that IT should be omnipresent and simple to use.
  • Society is now globally connected 24/7. As such IT needs to be seamless, almost invisible.
  • It is disruptive technology in the form of mobility, analytics, and cloud – used intelligently these can improve employee productivity, enhance client engagement and drive ROI.

To discuss these issues OmniChannel Media caught up with Rocket Software’s Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Smith. Smith provides his perspective on the role digital transformation has in shaping an organisations business operations.

With a particular emphasis on ‘hackathons’, Smith also provides his unique perspective on the importance of driving a disruptive culture within an organisation. As well as this he also offers his insights on the additional challenges facing government organisations that need to demonstrate agility while navigating large mission-critical infrastructure.