DuckDuckGo a No-Go in China


The CEO of emerging search engine DuckDuckGo has confirmed that its website has been blocked in China. The news comes off the back of a time of growth for the search engine as it has recently been made the default option for Safari in Apple IOS 8.

The news was announced via the twitter interaction between TechInAsia reporter Steven Millward and DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg:

DuckDuckGo is steadily capturing market share in an area that has been monopolised by Google since the mid-naughties. In 2013 the site took more than 1 billion search queries, with that figure being expected to grow to almost 2billion for 2014.

San Francisco based, DuckDuckGo is positioned as somewhat of an ‘anti-Google’, concentrating on providing a search engine that does not track searches and keeps users anonymous.

Although the news will disappoint the DuckDuckGo team, they may see this as a compliment of its influence, given Google is also blocked in China. OCM.

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