‘Facebook at Work’ Eyes Enterprise Market


fb_icon_325x325The Financial Times is reporting that Facebook is secretly working on a new website called ‘Facebook at Work’ in an attempt to penetrate the 1billion strong social media enterprise market that is currently being owned by the likes of Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn.

On the surface, the platform appears to take the form of a hybrid LinkedIn, Google Docs and Microsoft Messenger. An unidentified source told the paper that the social network will have the same design feel as its social version and will allow users to collaborate on documents, connect with professional contacts, as well as chat with work colleagues.

Facebook will be hoping to take market share from LinkedIn who the paper reports has 90million active monthly users. Forecasting further, the decision could also see the giant become a relevant name in B2B marketing solutions.

The source indicated that Facebook’s own workforce has been using the site, with the enterprise tool also being rolled out to a handful of external companies for testing.

A critical challenge for the company will be attempting to isolate the service from its social media channel, a website often seen as a productivity vortex in the modern office.

Another interesting aspect will also be whether a price point is introduced so to offset the need for paid advertisements. This is another aspect which might deter the corporate world from signing in. OCM.

Source: Financial Times

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