The ‘Fifth Mode of Transport’: The Race to Hyperloop

Join the Co-Founder of VicHyper as he explores the 'Fifth Mode of Transport' at CityDisrupt, Sydney.


OmniChannel Media is releasing its first video in a series of presentations from this year’s CityDisrupt, Sydney held on the 22nd September at the Eternity Playhouse, Sydney.

Hear insights from the Co-Founder of VicHyper, Zachary McClelland, as he explores ‘The ‘Fifth Mode of Transport’: The Race to Hyperloop.’

Award winning VicHyper is the only remaining team in the Southern Hemisphere who have made it to the finals of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop competition. Hyperloop – the high speed transportation of passengers in a capsule that could amount to the speed of sound. Set to task to accelerate the development of high-speed ground transportation, Hyperloop will revolutionise the way we travel.