The Good Guys Embrace ‘Clicks-and-Mortar’ Approach

The Good Guys collaborate with Airtasker to roll-out a new installation portal.


The Good Guys have partnered with services disruptor Airtasker in a move designed to innovate the retail giant’s operations.

The plan is to enable The Good Guys, who can boast $2 billion sales a year, with a ‘clicks-and-mortar’ business model – one now dominating the retail sector – where online and offline experiences are seamlessly integrated.

Airtasker, an online odd job digital platform, has worked to simplify and make more efficient the post-sales experience for both the Good Guys and their clients, with an entirely new digital portal for their home installation service.

The solution, which The Good Guys said started rolling out in June this year, “streamlines payments for installers and generates full reporting dashboards to give installers access to all of the information they need, whenever they need it.”

Users can purchase installations in-store, and transactions are completed via a secure app powered by Airtasker.

Co-founder and COO of Airtasker, Jonathan Lui described the new platform as one that is “an Australian first, and it will revolutionise [The Good Guys] installation services… enabling fast, accurate bookings with seamless contact between customers and installers.”

The Good Guys’ CMO, Robert Ambler-Frazer, is convinced that this latest innovation which promises “hassle free” operations for all points in the installer network, will give the retailer a competitive advantage.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate in terms of the post-purchase experience,” he said, “and partnering with Airtasker to develop this booking portal for our Concierge Home Installation Services has provided us with a unique solution and puts us well ahead.”

In a joint statement, Airstasker and The Good Guys have noted Amazon’s same day delivery and home services as significant innovations for the retail sector.

The new system platform enriches the user experience by allowing consumers to rate the service once a job is completed – a feature designed to encourage “quality control” Frazer-Amber said.

The deal will expand the current installer network of 400 contractors, he said.

Founded in 2012, by Tim Fung and Lui, Airtasker has 600,000 community members and estimates that over 5,318 businesses use the service to contract everything from letter drops to cleaning.

It works by having members bid for jobs – they are called runners in Airtasker jargon. After the work is finished, users provide a rating out of five for the contractor that is shared on their profile.

According to Airtasker’s own figures, the service has generated $40 million worth of transaction volume.

In June, the organisation announced that Airtasker had attracted $22 million worth of investment from players including the NRMA, Exto Partners, and Seven West.