Making the Penny Drop for IoT


Enterprise technology company Intel has released a 3G modem which is the size of a penny. Dubbed the world’s smallest modem, the technology will be commercialised as a solution to industries attempting to connect objects into the Internet of Things (IoT).IoT modem

The solution will aid companies that are currently attempting to conceptualise how the IoT might play out for their product lines. With connectivity being at the heart of the connected ‘thing’, the size and agility of this modem could bring some of the innovations division’s blueprints into reality.

The company has commented on the release via its website:

‘At about 300 mm2in size, it is the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem, making it perfect for networked sensors and other IoT applications such as wearables, security devices and industrial equipment.’

The full spec of the design can be found here on Intel’s blog. The release will be the first of many products aimed at reducing the size or connecting devices in order to service the burgeoning IoT marketplace. Akin to the mobile phone reduction race of the nineties and naughties, the ability for these products to maintain a solid performance will be paramount. OCM.

Image: Intel

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