Digital Dialogue: Mark Steel, Head of Digital, Argos (UK)


ArgosLeading UK retailer Argos is an example of how traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores can compete with online retail through embarking on a creative digital transformation strategy. Over the past year the company has conducted over 120 million online transactions as well as maintained a large network of physical stores.

To find out a little bit more about how Argos is driving digital engagement OmniChannel Media caught up with Mark Steel, head of digital trading, marketing and operations. Along with showcasing Argos’ revolutionary Christmas app, Giftfinder, Mark discusses how his team has leveraged off a variety of disruptive technologies to deliver some of the most progressive customer engagement strategies in the world of retail.

Mark also provides an insight into the future role of ‘brick and mortar’ retailing and how it is still an integral customer touch-point for the progressive brand. With the rise in eCommerce opening up the Australian industry to challenges around digital engagement and physical relevance, Mark’s insights on Argos’ proactive approach showcases that not only is digital transformation necessary, but it is achievable.

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