Millennial Engagement: Mobile, Voice… Mobile, Voice

Dave Anderson, VP of Marketing Dynatrace talked at CxO Disrupt Sydney on how to meet the next level of customer expectations.


Customer expectations has reached a new high – millennials demand the best experience from organisations that traditionally had no digital presence.

Ten years ago, grocery stores weren’t expected to have an application or even be online. Now, some people make all their movements off of their mobiles, jumping from app to app to make their life as easy as possible.

Speaking at CxO Disrupt Sydney, Dynatrace’s Vice President for Marketing, Dave Anderson, explained how to give your customers more while maintaining immediacy, with mobile being the key platform to engage with.

“Last year, as of October, mobile succeeded desktop. That means you always have to be thinking of that mobile experience.”

Mobile platforms taking over desktop emphasises how quick humans have evolved and transitioned from computers to the latest gadget.

It’s a worrying trend considering that many businesses barely have a coherent online strategy and they’re now scrambling to catch up to the mobile evolution as well.

As Anderson told 150 of Sydney’s leading technology executives – millennials have a higher expectation than ever before.

“They expect that experience to be as good as the best experience – so we are constantly having to pitch up and adding new features that are faster and easier.”

Newer generations expect speed and ease with any interaction and businesses need to be able to react to customers or else businesses should prepare to face the music on social media.

What’s important though is that when you do find complains on social media or through more official channels, that you react to it.

Many organisations know what they’re doing wrong, but continue to let it be an elephant in the room, because they think they know better what the

customer wants than the customer does.

But when customer’s don’t get what they want, they’ll quickly find an alternative solution that might not involve your business.

Anderson recognises that “digital delivery is hard” but it’s essential to react to the needs of the customer. He concludes his talk by reminding the audience what the modern customer’s expectations are.

“This generation is now. They want immediate answers.”

Anderson concluded his presentation by introducing the audience to Amazon’s Alexa and showcasing how Dynatrace is using voice recognition to manage the digital experience levels of their own website.

Albeit an example of internal transformation, with Alexa closing out the presentation, it showed just how powerful voice recogonition will be when engaging the customer.

“Future generations won’t just be comfortable with voice engagement, they will treat it as the norm.”