The New Dom: Domino’s Chatbot Upgrade on Messenger

With Scott Bush discussing Domino's tech innovations at CMO Disrupt, Melbourne, Tech Exec. looks at chatbot Dom's new capabilities.

Scott Bush, Domino’s. Source: CxO Disrupt, Perth 2016.

Domino’s have revealed numerous customer-centric digital and technology advancements, including customer tracking in real-time and their autonomous delivery vehicle, DRU (Domino’s Robotic Cart).

With this innovative attitude in mind, General Manager of New Zealand, Scott Bush, will explore their digital approach and enhanced customer experience at OmniChannel Media’s upcoming event, CMO Disrupt, Melbourne.

Driving digital disruption is a worldwide effort for the food giant, who have more than 13,200 stores in over 80 markets.

In America, the recent Superbowl is a hot topic and Domino’s wasted no time capitalising on this. With an expected 12 million pizzas to be sold on game day, their busiest sales time of the year, Domino’s announced a significant expansion to their ordering chatbot, Dom.

Building on their well-established ordering ecosystem, including over 15 platforms, Dom will allow customers to order a product from the full menu on Facebook Messenger.

Created in 2014, Dom previously only offered customers the ‘Easy Order’ option on Facebook which included their most frequent order. However, Dennis Maloney, Domino’s Senior Vice president and Chief Digital Officer explained Dom’s new browsing capacities.

Dom offers the full Domino’s menu on Messenger.

“Now anyone, especially those watching the big football game, can place any order for any menu item they want – no Pizza Profile needed – thanks to Dom, our enhanced ordering assistant bot.”

This announcement also came with a discount of 20% off menu items when customers redeem a coupon through the Messenger app.

With the food industry increasingly turning to mobile platforms, remote payments and a more efficient customer experience are becoming an expectation. However, the downfall of Dom is the fact that it only accepts cash payments.

Domino’s have positioned themselves as a technology-driven company who has prioritised customer experience. It is this mind-set that will distinguish them from their competitors.

“Launching Messenger ordering with Pizza Profiles was a great first step, but Dom’s ordering capabilities are continuing to advance as Domino’s AnyWare technology evolves.

“We think of ourselves as a brand in progress and wanted to create an even bigger and better ordering experience for customers,” said Maloney.

Dom, the AI behind this, encourages speed and accessibility which are two crucial elements of customer satisfaction. Therefore, Domino’s have acknowledged that customer experience extends beyond the online experience or mobile application.

This has enabled them to label themselves as the “first national pizza chain to have full ordering capabilities on Messenger.”

Inspired by U.S. virtual assistant, Dom, Domino’s have created DRU. After trials in Brisbane, the voice-activated virtual assistant began delivery trials in in New Zealand.

“We are experiencing transformational change and an era of robots, and a shift from apps to bots. We want to be leading that in the eyes of the customer” noted Don Meij, Domino’s ANZ Managing Director.

Bush plans to discuss how Domino’s are fostering innovation and delivering great customer experience, with a particular focus on DRU’s capabilities at the Melbourne event.

Find out more information at CMO Disrupt, Melbourne 2017.