Nike’s Digital Community Goes Social


Global retail powerhouse Nike was one of the first companies to spot the potential of building an online community through its products. This week the company has laid out plans to further embed itself into the online world of its fitness crazed market.

The company has released details about how it plans on expanding its N+TC app, an application which acts as the ‘digital heartbeat’ of its training club. Of the latest developments Nike will be rolling out customers will be able to connect their N+TC app to a larger screen via Apple TV, Chromecast or a HDMI cable. On top of this they are also planning to release the app in six other languages which will ensure global connectivity.

The most ground-breaking change however are the plans for the app to become a social platform as well as a health-tracker:

‘For the first time, a user will be able to stay connected with her Nike+ friends within the app. A news feed will help her stay engaged with both her friends, as well as the broader N+TC App community,’ the company said via its blog. ‘For example, after a user shares her completed workout in the app’s news feed, her friends will be able to both ‘cheer’ and click into the workout to try it themselves.’

The move to social is a big step for the app that already has 65 million women engaging with it. The company hopes that this move will further encourage the creation of a strong online community that will transcend into the real world of training:

‘The N+TC App is connecting our community of athletes like never before,’ said Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Brand Marketing at Nike Women. ‘Women will now be able to communicate with each other through the news feed, from organizing local group workouts to sending encouragement around the world.’

The sports brand attributes the success of its Nike Women’s Racing series to the level of digital connectivity it has with its customers. The most important aspect in ensuring this digital ecosystem like this exists, and an area in which other brands have faltered in the past, is getting the user experience right. With 65 million already tuned in it appears that Nike might just done it. OCM.

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