NSW Government: Bureaucratic Data of Little Use

The NSW Government has announced plans to establish a whole-of-government data analytics centre, the first of its kind in Australia.

The Hon. Victor Dominello

The NSW Government has this week announced plans to establish a whole-of-government data analytics centre, the first of its kind in Australia. The announcement is set to usher in a new era of data analytics for one of Australia’s best performing economies.

The announcement was made by Victor Dominello, the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation at the University of Technology Sydney’s Data Arena, on Monday night:

“Data is one of the greatest assets held by government, but when it’s buried away in bureaucracy it is of little value,” Dominello said.

“Whether it’s tackling crime, combatting obesity or addressing housing affordability, we cannot hope to develop solutions to the long-term challenges that our state faces without an effective whole-of-government data sharing platform.”

Dominello cited New Zealand, New York City, as well as the State of Michigan as jurisdictions that had successfully rolled out whole-of-government analytics projects with great success.

Speaking at the same forum, Kee Wong, the Chair of the Australian Information Industry Association, commended the NSW Government for its progressive position on data analytics:

“As we mature into a knowledge based economy, the role of data and the ability to link data from multiple sources, supported by appropriate privacy and security, will drive more effective and innovative government as well as contribute to the competitiveness of the NSW economy,” Wong said.

The project will be developed by a specialist government steering committee made up of a variety of public sector executives. There will also be an industry advisory body that will assist the government in developing the plans.

Developing a whole-of-government approach to technology innovation has been a cookie cutter approach for many jurisdictions around the world. For technologies such as digital, cloud and data analytics, the approach has the ability to drive an economy of sale, as well as create a standard for each department to work with. OCM.