Peter Tilton, Digital Dialogue: Head of ATMs & International Banking, ANZ


This week OmniChannel Media spoke with Peter Tilton, Head of ATMs & International Banking at ANZ. OmniChannel Media’s Matthew Egan caught up with Peter to discuss the banks recent ‘Tap & Pin’ ATM announcement, a roll-out which is part of the banks $1.5 billion Banking on Australia investment program.

Peter is a seasoned banking executive who is in charge of driving both the banks ATMs and international banking agendas. In this interview Peter discusses the banks motivations behind its latest ‘Tap & Pin’ innovation, and how this technology could be used as a potential stepping stone for mobile payments integration. He also provides a unique insight into the role of the ATM within a customers digital ecosystem.

ATMs are a critical point of customer engagement for the financial services industry. Understanding how best to utilise this communication point, as well as identifying how to enhance the customer experience through the use of technology, is a critical element for executives charged with driving an innovative agenda.

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