Police to Use Facial Recognition Software for Google Glass


Police in Dubai are set to be the most technologically advanced enforcers in the world, with officials in the Smart Services Department announcing short term plans to roll out Google Glass to its force.

As reported in 7 Days in Dubai, the hardware is set to be integrated into first-of-its-kind facial recognition software that has been developed internally. In theory this will give front line officers access to an entire database of criminals whilst on patrol.423989-google-glass

‘The software that we developed internally enables us to connect a database of wanted people with the glass,’ said Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director general of the department. ‘Once the glass recognises the suspect based on a face print, it will give an alert to the officer wearing it.’

Al Razooqi pointed to the roll out commencing in early 2015, with the project being part of the forces’ plan to have the ‘smartest’ police force in the world by 2018. The glasses are already being used by the force to identify wanted vehicles and catch traffic violators.

The police department is taking a progressive stance towards the smart wearables and appears to be investing in creating home grown software that will integrate into its existing infrastructure. Should the facial recognition project take off, this seems to be something that could easily be replicated across the world. OCM.

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