The Power of Data: AI, Cloud and Analytics

Cloudera recently held conferences in Sydney and Melbourne exploring AI, Data analytics and Machine Learning


Cloudera, world leader in modern platforms for data analytics through their globally recognised enterprise software, recently held conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, showcasing how they and their partners collaborate to provide machine learning, analytics and cloud solutions to their clients.

The event featured insights from Cloudera’s FSI Global Leader, Steven Totman as well as voices from world-renowned companies like Microsoft and Deloitte, all showcasing how data can be utilised as a strategic asset for businesses.

The speakers shared perspectives from their respective organisations, but one of the key takeaways was that with so much data now available between organisations, collaboration is key.

“It is important to note that you’re not limited by the data in your organisation anymore,” Totman explained.

The event explored three hot topics in particular, as the world’s leading companies provided insights into data analytics, artificial intelligence and the power of data.

Big Data

Totman reiterated to the audience that when it comes to strategy, knowledge is power. For this reason, Steven believes its critical for organisations to start asking the right questions when it comes to use data to generate business insights.

The Cloudera executive reckons that enterprises can sometimes find it difficult to implement new technologies and innovations, as they can have the propensity to unsettle current systems and processes.

Cloudera’s goal in this regard, is to help organisations make things that are impossible today, possible tomorrow. It’s a goal that can only be achieved by welcoming big data, as well as accurately and inquisitively analysing the information.

“The company’s mission is to enable data to change the world. Things that were considered impossible today, will be possible tomorrow,” he told 150 of Sydney’s leading data executives.

Following on from Totman, Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Architect, Erika Harris, echoed similar thoughts, stating that by making data and technology more accessible, it makes the possibility for innovation so much greater.

“Democratising data and technology to allow people to tap into these technologies to achieve and do more.”

Organisations like Microsoft and Cloudera assist with turning insights into real actions, rather than leaving them as eventual goals to reach.

“You can accelerate application development with cloud as Microsoft is a platform that turns insights into action.”

Artificial Intelligence

Harris outlined how data plays a crucial part in how AI can be used to understand emotional intelligence as well as the customer.

“Data is a key component for AI – where we provide fully managed solutions, leveraging existing technologies to operationalise these within minutes,” Harris said.

Harris thinks that the beauty of AI and machine learning stems from it’s ability to infuse IQ with ‘EQ’, as it enables technologies like chatbots and customer-centric products to flourish.

EQ refers to the emotional intelligence which can capture semiotic meanings that previous generations of technology were unable to understand.

AI has already shown it’s potential, as Harris described how chatbots allow an unprecedented kind of engagement when it came to talking to humans on a deeper, more personal level

AI has also become more available for small and large business, as although it’s been around since the 1950s, it’s reached a point where it’s now in a perfect situation to take advantage of the data, Totman explained.

“Machine learning and AI are not new technologies, they have been around for some time. The reason you’re hearing so much about it is because we’ve reached a point now where the cost of compute has decreased so much, and the volume of data has increased so that there’s a nirvana between the two.”

The presentations provided from these technology advanced companies reminded the audience that AI has now became a necessity more than a disruptor, with most leading companies already engaging in some sort of Machine Learning or AI technology.

Power of Data

Deloitte’s Principal, Murad Khan explained how that data has created changes in business models which meant that the infrastructure has struggled to maintain the same pace.

“There’s so much change in the business model that the change in your data warehouses or data platforms is difficult to keep up with,” he said.

Now with the constant change that goes within the business, Harris believes that data can look at previous experiences and prompt a reaction before issues occur.

“The shift now is looking at the predictive analytics, the future analytics. Predicting what will happen and changing course based off of it.”

“Cloudera realised it’s not a single player ecosystem. You’re going to plug us into an existing environment and the partners and their integration with us is incredibly important,” Totman said.

All the presentations revealed how the proliferation of data has meant that the knowledge and information they provide is more powerful than ever, and it’s essential to have a great understanding of how this can fit within your business.

The event featured industry leaders BCS Technology, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Trifact, Qlik, Wipro and Zoom Data all showcasing their solutions in the data analytics and AI Space.