Digital Dialogue: Rob White, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Davis (US)


In a modern economy it is imperative for Governments to incubate innovation and entrepreneurship. As such, a new Government executive is starting to emerge in the Chief Innovation Officer.

OmniChannel Media caught up with Rob White, Chief Innovation Officer of the City Davis in California to discuss how his role is driving greater levels of innovation and disruption in the business sector. Rob became the first chief innovation officer for the city of Davis in March 2013. The job aims to increase technology-based economic development within the city. It also is designed to help retain the companies, entrepreneurs and concepts that emerge from the University of California at Davis rather than allowing them to move to the Bay Area.

Hear Rob talk about how Governments should approach innovation and disruption, and what kind of measures the public sector can take to create an infrastructure for a modern economy.

Listen to this Digital Dialogue here:


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