RoboCup Brazil 2014


Perhaps in a bid to forget the disaster that was their country’s performance in the human World Cup, this week Brazil played host to ‘RoboCup 2014’.

The RobotCup was conceived in 1997 with the intention of ‘developing by 2050 a Robot Soccer team capable of winning against the human team champion of the FIFA World Cup.’ There are six different leagues which are hotly contested from teams around the world. Pending on how you look at it the standard of football can either be out of the world or rather basic.

Technically, the event provides a great challenge for robotic engineers. The robots must abide by all the same rules that humans abide by when playing the beautiful game, there is both a human and robotic judge that oversees the action. Some of the events take robots away from the football field, with a rescue category sees autonomous robots compete with one another as they simulate a rescue mission.


The competition has captivated the minds of the mere mortals in attendance. The finals were broadcast live yesterday online, which last year was watched by over 60,000 people. Click here to watch all the exciting action. OCM.

Photos: Flicker

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