Digital Dialogue: Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Azuri Technologies


Simon Bransfield-Garth is the CEO of one of the world’s most innovative energy companies in Azuri Technologies. Azuri takes advantage of the power of mobile technology to supply off-grid communities of Sub-Saharan Africa with clean, affordable energy.roof-small

We interview Simon on how he has harnessed the powers of Big Data and mobile to drive a new wave of energy disruption in the areas of the world that need it the most. Simon also provides some insight into mobile innovation in Africa as well as the potential discourse that reverse innovation from Africa might encourage in the western energy sector.

Simon has 25 years global experience building rapid growth, technology-based businesses including 7 years at Symbian, the phone OS maker, where he was a member of the Leadership Team and VP Global Marketing. He was founder of Myriad Solutions Ltd was formerly an Industrial Fellow at the London based Royal Society.  He holds a BA and Ph.D in Engineering from Cambridge University in the UK and was named a Global Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2013.

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