Tesla Commences Disruption in Australia


IMAG0047Last night Tesla heralded in a new era for Australia’s automotive industry with the launch of its signature Model S electric vehicle and accompanying ‘Supercharger’ stations at the Star in Sydney. The launch is the beginning of a journey for the automotive company in Australia as it attempts to promote their vision of fuel-free transportation.

The event saw the delivery of nine new cars to its signature customers from Australia who had pre-ordered the S Model. The car itself, that has a starting price of just over $90,000, signifies the next generation in electric vehicles: a single car has 502 kilometres of range and fuses design and innovation that is often seen in the likes of a BMW or Jaguar.

Critical to the success of Tesla and underwriting the idea of ‘free travel’ are its ‘Supercharging’ stations. The station locations, which allow owners to charge their cars to full capacity in 20 minutes, were launched alongside the S Model:

‘In addition station right here at The Star in the underground car park, we will also be enabling a second supercharging station at the already re-announced service centre in Sydney,’ said Heath Walker, head of marketing and communications for Tesla Australia. ‘But we are not stopping there, in 2015 we are going to advance the Supercharger network to join Sydney Canberra and Melbourne. And in 2016 we are going to expand this even further by connecting the entire east coast of Australia.’

The long awaited announcement will mean that owners of an S model will be able to travel from Sydney to Melbourne for free by the end of next year. Akin to the company’s strategy in North America and Europe, Tesla is hoping that by providing free transport across the eastern Australian corridor, the Australian public take notice.

From an enterprise technology perspective, Tesla has gone from being an international example of industry disruption to a local test-case of how technology and innovation can revolutionise the environment of an industry. Like all new technologies, the challenge for Tesla will be to move from early adoption to success to rapid take up. For a company that is providing the opportunity to completely eradicate the petrol bill forever, the sky appears to be the limit. OCM.

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