Tesla’s Twitter Conversation Sparks CX Transformation

Tesla's Elon Musk demonstrated how to maximise the customer experience through Twitter.


Tesla, SpaceX and Hyperloop visionary, Elon Musk, has illustrated how companies should improve customer experience by using social media as a platform to listen to their customer’s suggestions.

Late last year, Musk received a tweet from a customer highlighting a recurring issue happening at charging stations. Many Tesla owners leave their cars in charging stations even after they are full, meaning they are being used for parking as opposed to charging.

Despite the fact that this suggestion was likely amidst the thousands of daily notifications Musk receives on social media, he took this feedback on board and promised they will take action.

While many would expect a resolution to take months to implement, Tesla announced their solution within a week.  After a five-minute grace period, they will charge 40 cents for every additional minute a consumer leaves their fully charged car at a charging station.

Tesla announced their quick solution in a press release, where they stressed that their goals as a company are efficiency and customer experience.

“We envision a future where cars move themselves once fully charged, enhancing network efficiency and the customer experience even further. Until then, we ask that vehicles be moved from the Supercharger once fully charged. A customer would never leave a car parked by the pump at a gas station and the same thinking applies with Superchargers.”

Musk has raised the bar for customer experience by acknowledging concerns voiced on social media platforms like Twitter. Businesses’ should look to Musk’s example when attempting to respond to the wants and needs of their customers.

Although Tesla labels themselves as a startup company, their success and an employee count of 30,000 suggests otherwise. It is clear that a startup mentality, flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly is paramount to achieving success in the 21st century.

As well as flexibility, the strong digital presence from Musk himself allows customers to feel as though they can voice their concerns and have an impact on the end result. Communicating freely with their customers means Tesla is able to continuously update them with the newest plans and projects.

Through these changes, Musk sets the standards for customer experience in 2017 and illustrates how to actively involve customers in the development of a business.