Tiny Projector ‘TouchPico’ Makes Any Surface Interactive


‘A tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80″ interactive touchscreen.’

This is the tagline for the latest gadget out of San Fransisco currently turning heads. The product is called TouchPico, a tiny hand held device that connects to Android platforms and turns any surface into a giant touch screen. Take a look to see how it works:



Although claiming to be ‘magic’, the stylus pen uses infrared detection technology that tracks its movements on a surface at 40 frames per second.  The TouchPico team is currently crowdfunding its initial distribution funds. What will excite most about the product is its versatility and usability. The product is marketed as being versatile, with the ability to service both the professional as well as the family unit.



It could also help to pave the way for future projection technologies that we’ve all been waiting for since the original Star Wars film implanted it in our psyche.

Image: TouchPico


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