Digital Dialogue: Toby Hervey, Head of Marketing & Founding Team Member, Pager (US)


screen568x568 (1)One of the critical challenges for the health industry is servicing the low-density areas that exist throughout regional Australia. This is why innovations around mobile health (mHealth) and telehealth are seen as having great potential in shaping the future landscape of Australia’s health system.

To expand upon this and provide an insight into the potential future of mobile health, OmniChannel Media caught up with Toby Hervey, one of the founding team members of US company Pager. Pager is an app platform which many in the US have dubbed the ‘Uber of health’ as the app itself facilitates the connection between the GP and the patient.

The app takes a disruptive approach to mHealth and of late has shared some great initial successes that could be the blueprint for next-generation health services. Hear Toby showcase how Pager plans on changing the face of patient contact and what this might mean for traditional health networks.


Listen to this audio interview here:

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