Digital Dialogue: Tony Nash, CEO, Booktopia


booktopia-icon-1024What does it take to succeed in online retail? The CEO of Booktopia Tony Nash believes it centers around two critical elements: ensuring quick supply, and creating a genuine experience for your customer.

The irony is that successful retail stores have been driving a similar agenda for hundreds of years, however due to some customer’s preference for digital online stores need to replicate the formula using technology. This is how Tony and his team at Booktopia has created one of Australia’s biggest ecommerce brands and reversed the negative trend of book sales over the past 10 years.

To find out a litte more OmniChannel Media’s Matthew Egan caught up with Tony to discuss this as well as find out how technology has assisted Booktopia in its growth. Tony also provides a unique insight into the future of retail as well as his prediction on where the traditional book store might end up.

Listen to this audio interview here:

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