Could the ‘Uber of Health’ be Uber?


UberHealthIn a bid to utilise their growing delivery network and committed customer base, Uber launched UberHEALTH last week in select cities of the US. In collaboration with health partner Vaccine Partner, the delivery service delivered flu prevention packs and shots directly to its customers for the first time.

Available for one day only in Boston, New York and DC, Uber users had the ability to request the service within their Uber app. On arrival, users received a flu prevention pack as well as the option to request a flu shot from a registered nurse for up to 10 people.

Uber nurses used were registered from mobile health provider Pager which eliminated any legal requirements from their behalf. The trial day was offered as a free service and marketed in the lead up to the US’s winter season.

The future of healthcare may have been put on show for one day only through the project. Uber users had the ability to order a consultation and flu shot via one application that was then delivered and administered at their door. This kind of mobility is a major step for an industry which typically engages with patients in a bricks and mortar environment.

The test-run showcases the power of collaboration in the face of industry disruption. Much like Apple Pay’s approach to collaborating with industry, Uber appears to be open to collaboration assuming the right partner comes along. OCM.

Source: Uber Blog

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