UberRUSH Opens up Platform and Delivery Market

UberRUSH opens their API.


UberRUSH, an app-based express courier hailing service was officially rolled out last year.

Now the on-demand share economy giant wants to put the platform into the hands of any business that wants it.

UberRUSH made the announcement last week that its API (Application Programming Interface) is now available.

This allows any enterprise to integrate the platform into its digital products and customise it – all, says Uber, with only a few keystrokes.

Once done the merchant has access to Uber’s on-demand delivery fleet.

Its early partners in the platform included Shopify and digital cash register Clover.

Right now UberRUSH is at work in three cities in the USA; Fashion retailer Nordstrom in Chicago, florist 1800Flowers in New York and tech brand T-Mobile in San Francisco are some of the organisations already using the app.

When UberRUSH launched, couriers are not restricted to one merchant or one job per trip and deliveries are made by car, bike or on foot.

Once on the road it is a multi-merchant, multi-package operation and shoppers can track their package to its destination.

“Even for the most sophisticated and complex logistics companies, we believe getting packages from A to B should be as easy as getting a ride,” UberRUSH explain on their website.

German tech company SAP, maker of enterprise software, tech solutions organisation Bergen Logistics and Trade Global, an end-to-end e-commerce service provider are partners with UberRUSH in rolling out this new incarnation of the platform.

Watchers in this space have seen this latest move from Uber as a ‘brand expansion’ – opening an API brings app developers into the Uber ecosystem.

Of course, it is too, a way to create a competitive advantage in a market where same day delivery for consumers is quickly becoming a standard stamp of quality.