Walmart Adopts VR Into Training

Walmart is one of the first major companies in the world to start integrating Virtual Reality (VR).


Walmart is one of the first major companies in the world to have recognised the great potential of Virtual Reality (VR) with their announcement of a new training program.

This training utilises VR to give trainees the opportunity to experience a day at Walmart, as well as prepare them for more unusual circumstances.

Walmart believes the benefit of this technology is it provides new employees with a lifelike store environment to explore different situations without disrupting the customer’s shopping experience.

“Ultimately, everything associates do is geared toward giving customers the best experience. Through VR, associates can see how their actions affect that.

“It’s helpful for associates to see mistakes in a virtual environment and know how to deal with them before they experience it in real life and don’t know what to do,” they said in their announcement.

So far, Walmart’s research has revealed the success of VR as a training tool, with the program proving to be more helpful for associates to retain information when it comes to recalling what actions to take in a situation.

This success means Walmart are looking to expand the tool to all 200 of their training academies. Walmart predicts that this will mean more than 140,000 trainees each year will graduate with VR being a key part of that experience.

It’s not only useful for training associates as well, but this technology can also be used for managers to gain a better understanding of how other branches might run their areas as well.

“As a manager you don’t usually have time to travel to other stores to see how things are done, but this technology would allow them to travel to a store across the country without even leaving their own store,” they said.

Using VR as a training tool is something that many companies are still neglecting, however the technology not only enables better experiences for trainees but can increase efficiency throughough management.