Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is a new non-invasive imaging method that detects iron oxide nanoparticles to produce 2D and 3D images. MPI imaging is more sensitive and significantly faster than MRI and PET imaging.

ARA-MBI in Melbourne operates the world’s first MPI instrument that is paired with a localised hyperthermia system (HYPER module) and CT scanner.

Working synergistically together, these three technologies offer a preclinical theranostic platform that delivers exceptional image quality to detect, and treat, therapeutic targets.

The MPI can operate with or without the HYPER module and CT scanner.

Benefits of MPI 

  • The Magnetic Insight system currently offers the world’s highest sensitivity and resolution of MPI images
  • Simple to operate, eliminating the need for a dedicated scanner operator and allowing researchers to acquire their own data
  • Avoids the radiation burden of PET, and when used without CT removes the x-ray dose

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