The cars range in price from around €15,500 for the Canta Comfort to more than €23,000 for the Canta 2 Inrijwagen.

Older models of the Canta were gas-powered, but the latest model is electric, in line with municipal efforts. Amsterdam, for example, aims to be an emissions-free city by 2025. Micromobility can and must play a big role.

“When we look at non-cars, a vast space of opportunity for mobility solutions becomes possible,” says Horace Dediu, an expert on the future of micromobility. “This means not just more efficient and less demanding alternatives for short trips, but also vehicles for those who are too young, too old, or disabled.”

Dediu notes that “8 billion people need mobility. Only 1 billion currently can drive.” Everyone, he says, “will be served by micromobility.”