Advances in medical technology and the surgical microscope have made tremendous advancements from its first inception in 1660. By 1830 John J. Lister provided sturdier stand to the microscope and by 1904 the microscope had three lenses that were interchangeable. The microscopes of today while using the same theory have far many uses than the early ones in medical procedures and in actual surgeries, where the ones of the past would not have been useful. They would however have gotten a lot of attention from the medical community, which would have been in awe at the technology.

Today there are surgical microscopes like the Zeiss microscopes that are used for heart and spinal surgery. It is also used for neurosurgery and reconstructive surgery, rather than the microscopes of the past that sat on a table with interchangeable loupes. This microscope is used during surgeries and has two independent zoom systems and to internal focusing systems. This is all through a single lens that the surgeon can control as needed during the medical procedure.

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