The Marshall Liberal Government is trialling 4,000 innovative ‘FreeDome’ lures from Israel-based company Biofeed, which uses a chemical formula to attract, feed, and kill fruit flies.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the use of Biofeed lures shows the Government is throwing everything it can at the state’s current fruit fly outbreaks.

“With the spring season upon us and fruit flies becoming more active as the weather warms, it is important we look outside the box in our efforts to eradicate this pest and protect the thousands of horticulture jobs at risk across the state,” Minister Basham said.

“The Government met with Biofeed during a trade mission to Israel in 2019 and since then we have been in talks about how we can use this technology to help keep fruit fly out of South Australia.

“This is the first time FreeDome lures have been used in Australia and we’re very pleased to welcome Biofeed founder and managing director Dr Nimrod Israely here this week. Fruit fly ecologist Dr Israely is here to learn about
South Australia’s fruit fly outbreaks in detail and plan with our response team how best to trial his FreeDome lures in our environment.

“Some residents will start to see the yellow panels of the FreeDome lures appear in their gardens – they are very safe, but please don’t interfere with them, just let the lures do their job.

“In addition to placement across Adelaide backyards, FreeDome lures will be trialled by our fruit fly entomologists at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) to scientifically test them in a controlled environment.”

Dr Nimrod Israely said he was confident his internationally-regarded fruit fly solution would succeed in the Adelaide outbreaks.

“I am delighted to be here in South Australia, my first visit to this beautiful state, and to work with the government’s fruit fly response team to help their plans. My FreeDome lures have demonstrated significant success in agricultural areas all over the world,” Dr Israely said.

“As a farmer, and being a fruit grower most of my life, I am passionate about reducing the use of chemicals in agriculture. This is why I developed the FreeDome technology to be highly effective, safe, for many months of continuous operation under all weather conditions, and maintenance-free.

“The FreeDome innovative technological solution is the new generation for the control of fruit flies based on innovative patented technology, the Gravity Controlled Fluid Release (GCFR) technique, for discharging organic mix that lures, attracts, and kills fruit flies.

“I am thrilled to be here to help the Fruit Fly Outbreak Response Team with the unique experience, knowledge, and know-how that Biofeed has developed. Our goal is to help complete the eradication of fruit flies in South Australia, as soon as possible, and keep it this way for many years.”