GitHub is offering a technical preview of GitHub Copilot Workspace, which provides a developer environment based on the GitHub Copilot AI-powered programming assistant.

The GitHub Copilot Workspace preview was introduced April 29. Described as a Copilot-native development environment for everyday tasks, GitHub Copilot Workspace allows developers “to brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code in natural language,” GitHub said. GitHub Copilot Chat, the natural language assistant, was introduced in November.

GitHub Copilot Workspace features an AI-assisted, task-centric workflow. Starting at a GitHub repository or a GitHub issue, Copilot helps the developer build a step-by-step plan to solve the issue based on a deep understanding of the codebase, issue replies, and more. The developer can implement, edit, regenerate, or undo a plan using natural language as well. Developers are provided with everything needed to validate the plan and test the code in one streamlined list in natural language, GitHub said.

Developers can sign up for GitHub Copilot Workspace at

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