To improve debugging and help developers solve problems quicker, the developers behind the Angular JavaScript framework have released standardized error codes and debugging guides for the platform.

Error codes are featured in the Angular 11.1.0 release, which was published January 20. The most common Angular error messages have been fitted with standardized error codes, details, and formatting.

Angular error messages start with NG, to help differentiate Angular-specific errors from TypeScript errors and browser messaging. The next number in the message indicates type, with runtime errors beginning with 0 and compiler issues maintaining their existing number space of 1 through 9. The goal of these changes is to help developers recognize framework errors and make them more searchable.

Also added to error messages is a link to, where you’ll find descriptions of the most common errors and guides for debugging them. A series of Angular debugging videos is now available on YouTube.

The Angular 11.1.0 point release, accessible on GitHub, offers performance improvements, enhancements for the compiler and language service, and a multitude of bug fixes. Angular 12, expected to arrive in May, is set to feature more improvements to error messaging and the ng-linker for distributing Ivy libraries to NPM.