Earlier this year, Timbuk2 launched their “No Wet Laptops” campaign with several water-resistant options. I tested the Lane Commuter, which is the smaller, stormproof version of their popular Parker backpack. The bag has its own removable rain cover stored in the bottom. As if that wasn’t enough, the front is made from protective coated nylon and the interior is also water-resistant. I filled the front pockets full of packets of tissues while biking through a particularly long, grim, and rainy Northwestern spring, and they all stayed miraculously dry.

I particularly liked the bag’s easy-access magnetic front pocket, which I used for storing keys, all 6,000 of my favorite pens, and lip balm, and a big reflective panel on the bottom. It’s worth noting that at 2.4 pounds, this bag is a little heavier and bulkier than some of our other picks. But it’s worth it if you, too, live in a part of the country where you’re soaked for 9 months out of the year and keep a boot dryer by your front door.